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Premier Foundation of North Carolina is a non-profit corporation and shall be operated exclusively for educational and charitable purposes within the meaning of Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, or the corresponding section of any future Federal tax code.

The Purpose of the Premier Foundation of North Carolina is to increase wellness and education within the community.

Premier Foundation of North Carolina defines wellness in a holistic way. Our definition of wellness includes the physical, mental, and financial well-being of individuals. The Premier Foundation of North Carolina was created as a means to serve the community by providing wellness resources and education those in need.

We are proud to have contributed over $56,000 in resources to the community since our existence in 2015.


Wellness Fair 2018
In conjunction with Premier Pharmacy and Wellness Center we hosted our Annual Wellness Fair in efforts to bring Wellness to the Community!

2018 Juneteenth Scholarship Luncheon

Local communities celebrate Juneteenth to mark day slavery ended

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Several communities across the Charlotte area are celebrating Juneteenth on Saturday.

They are empowering minorities as they mark the day slavery ended.

The Premier Foundation awarded $6,000 in scholarships to local students who are excelling in school.

Sharisse Berry, one of the winners, explained the importance of African-Americans remembering Juneteenth and using it in their lives.

“I feel like we weren't freed for any reason,” Berry said. “We should take that freedom and use it to the best of our ability so that we can advance ourselves in the world.”

Saturday marked the first time the Premier Foundation held a luncheon at the Carolinas College of Health Sciences in Dilworth to honor the winners.

Congratulations to our 2019 Premier Scholarship Recipients!

The Premier Foundation of North Carolina understands the important role education plays in leveling the playing field for all members of society. To that end, we offer scholarships to exceptionally promising students from families who have demonstrated financial need. 

We are currently no longer accepting scholarship applications for 2019. Please stay tuned for upcoming opportunities for scholarships.


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Were you unable to attend our 2019 Scholarship Luncheon? You can still donate to The Premier Foundation !


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